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Contemporary Art as a New Way of Life

Contemporary Art
as a New Way of Life

Сергей Владимирович СолдатенковMegafon is pleased to present “The Future Depends on You. New Rules,” an exhibition in a new format and on a new scale. The project has existed for several years, and for several years Megafon has been heading into the future with it. But this year is different: Together we are leaving Moscow and traveling from the Pacific coast to the Baltics. This is symbolic, since in 2007 Megafon became the first nation-wide cell phone operator that provides services throughout the entire country. It’s no coincidence that the name of the exhibition has shares much with the Megafon company slogan. To be the first, you need to go ahead of all the rest. “The Future Depends on You. New Rules” is an attempt to create a single art space in a country that is multifaceted and multi-sided. This year the exhibition will be in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Krasnodar, and Kaliningrad. It will unite people who are interested in art, living in various time zones of our country, raised in various cultural traditions — just like Megafon connects people every day.

This is the first large-scale exhibition in Russia of cutting-edge art from private collections. Contemporary art its integrative art. It not only opens an enormous space for creativity, but intersects with our everyday life in all its manifestations. People often say that contemporary art is highly commercial art, and even more often people insist that it is art only for the initiated. This is a controversial subject that each person decides for him or herself, and the main issues will only be decided by time. But in any case, contemporary art is always a step into the future.

The works of 21 artists will be displayed to interested visitors in Russia’s regions. The choice of artists was not casual. It was done on the basis of expert evaluations by the leading galleries, museums and auction houses. “The Future Depends on You. New Rules” offers a unique chance for Russia’s cities to share opinions and discussion on art.


New rules

Пьер-Кристиан БрошеAt the end of the 20th century, the popularity of contemporary art became a world-wide trend: Major art museums are opening divisions devoted to it, new private and state museums and centers of contemporary art are appearing, and specialized literature is being published. One way or another, the world of contemporary art now encompasses millions of people The main task of the art project, “The Future Depends on You. New Rules,” is to share love of contemporary art with eight Russian cities. The artists taking part have works in all of the major world museums and participate in international biennales, exhibitions and art fairs. Our premise is that the Russian regions are full-fledged participants in the world-wide art process. “The Future Depends on You. New Rules,” shows that contemporary art has become a world-wide phenomenon and now unites millions of people. Today it is fashionable to attend art shows, buy works of contemporary Russian artists, and open galleries – that is, to become active players on the art market. Given this trend, at exhibitions we arrange elegant receptions as is done everywhere in the world – a VIP preview for the business elite and top federal and regional leaders. Business leaders are taking part in the social and commercial art scene in order to raise their social status through significant participation in the country’s cultural life. In other words, this project is meant to stimulate social responsibility among business and political leaders. It is worth recalling that private collections are the basis for exhibitions in many prominent Russian museums. We recognize that we can’t show all the most important contemporary artists in the exhibition. For that reason, we didn’t include young artists (born after 1970). Our choice of artists is the choice of the art community and the market, so we included artists who have already established strong reputations in the contemporary art world. The new rules (without quotation marks) of how art function have made this possible. We hope that this exhibition stimulate the development of art and the art market in Russia.


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